The regular meeting of the Jersey County Board of Health was held March 27, 2018 in the Board Room of Jersey County Health Department.

Approval of November 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes:  The November 28, 2017 meeting minutes were approved.

Bi-Annual Review of Past Closed Minutes: The recommendation to keep all past closed minutes closed since they all pertain to employee issues were approved.

Budget Report:  The budget report was approved.

Personnel Committee Report:  The Personnel Committee Report and recommendations were approved.  Highlights are as follows:

  • Employee updates
  • Discussion of Salaries and Service awards
  • IMRF audit
  • Nursing and LEHP license renewals

Professional Advisory Committee Report:  The PAC report and recommendations were approved.  Highlights are as follows:

  • Approval of the Annual Report
  • Approval of the Service Policies, Standing Orders and Nursing Procedure Policy
  • Approval of Alton Physical Therapy contract
  • Approval of the Agency Evaluation for Fiscal Year 2017
  • Approval of the Clinical Record Review, Continuous Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance
  • Approval of the Nursing, Environmental and Administrative Report

Audit of Fiscal Year 2017 by Scheffel Boyle:  The audit report for Fiscal Year 2017 was approved.The audit shows that Jersey County Health Department is in good standing.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for June 19, 2018.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.